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Minh - 21 February 06:54

Cherie prostituee, je souhaite poumon rencontres agreable avec le developpement de nature sexuelle. Surprenez-moi prends mon numero et venez a moi, Je ferai n’importe quoi, que tu veux!

Lilliana - 6 March 04:37

Bon prix pour le sexe à Schwerin - euros.

Stacy - 1 August 10:10

There's just one thing I'm a littlebit confused about and I just need to confirm or disconfirm this question: I have had cold sores before, so HSV1 I presume. The cold sores haven't been disastrous and super duper painful, but it's quite sore and definitely uncomfortable. Now, question: You said I can transfer herpes from mouth to genitals, but is that only during outbrakes or can I transfer my mouth herpes/cold sores to genitals (or mouth for that matter when not having an outbreak? 'Preciate it!

Wilbert - 12 April 17:58

Lindsey, Any advice on coming out as Asexual? Do you think its necessary to come out? Part of me wants to, but part of me is okay with my friends and family just thinking Im weird and not into dating.

Maarx - 19 August 02:55

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Silvestre - 5 August 11:23

I think she is talking about pthalates, so close on the spelling! Simply put, they are chemicals found in plastics, especially bendy or squishy plastics (also probably latex condoms that tend to leach out over time. Mounting evidence is showing they can imitate or mess with your hormones, which could cause a host of problems. This doesn't quite seem to fit the context of what she was talking about, though, so I may be wrong.

Wonda - 27 August 21:24

nice pussy fuck hard

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